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No.L4, SIDCO Industrial Estate, Villivakkam, Chennai
+91 7604915438
No.L4, SIDCO Industrial Estate, Villivakkam, Chennai

Batch Ovens

Batch Ovens

JR FURNACE is a leading manufacturer of custom industrial batch ovens.
We offer a wide range of industrial batch ovens we have designed and manufacture batch ovens in virtually any length, height and width combination. However, they are primarily designed for the thermal processing of multiple large products. Our industrial batch process ovens are built with either roof-mounted equipment or with components mounted on the back end of the oven.
We are committed to manufacturing the highest quality batch oven, supported by our superior customer service and industry expertise.

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  • Features & Specifications

    • Aerospace/Composites Automotive Electric Motor & Transformers Foundry Heat Treating
    • Aluminum Ageing
    • Heat-Treating
    • Curing Coatings
    • Curing Resins and Epoxies
    • Drying
    • Preheating
    • Annealing
    • Shrink-Fitting
    • Powder Coating
    • Stress Reliving
    • Tempering

  • Applications

    Ageing of AAAC conductors and annealing of aluminium alloy wire loaded on drums.

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