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Gas Fired Furnace

Gas Fired Furnace

JRFURNACE is reputed as one of the trusted Pulse Fired High Velocity Gas Fired Furnace manufacturers for optimum performance.

Gas Fired Furnace are fired with high efficiency burners supported by a full complement of combustion system consisting of combustion fan, atomizing fan, oil heating and pumping systems and/or gas trains. In addition auto ignition, flame failure safety and complete control systems are offered. The gas train incorporates all the gauges, safety switches & ratio controllers. Practically any type of liquid or gaseous fuel can be used viz. Furnace Oil, Light Diesel Oil, LPG, Natural Gas singly or a combination of any oil or gas in case of dual fired furnaces.

To improve fuel efficiency, Recuperates for heating combustion air up to 500°C will be provided. For customers requiring even more fuel efficiency, Regenerative burners can be offered that can give an air preheat of 1000°C or more. We can also provide self recuperative gas burners for air preheat up to 750°C.

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  • Features & Specifications - Gas Fired Furnace

    • Temperature Range – Upto 1300°C
    • Batch capacity upto 200 MT.
    • Type of Furnace: Chamber, Bogie, Continuous and Batch type
    • Robust Heavy Duty construction and highly fuel efficient
    • Lined with high density ceramic fiber modules and blankets, the furnace delivers high fuel efficiency.
    • Variants include Dual fuel ( Oil & Gas), Oil(LDO/HSD) and Gas (PNG/LPG)
    • Fully automatic operation with auto ignition and flame monitoring system.
    • Sealing of the vertical lift doors and bogie through pneumatically operated soft seal clamps to ensure no ingress of cold air.
    • Thermal calibration as per API standards
    • User-friendly, PLC based burner management system supported by SCADA system with HMI interface

  • Applications

    Annealing, Stress Relieving, Hardening, Tempering, Normalizing, Solution Annealing, Reheating

Frequently Asked Auestion


What will be the Temperature Uniformity?

In High Velocity Burners with Pulse firing system, temperature uniformity across inside furnace atmosphere will be within +/-5 Deg C at the end of steady soaking.

What are all advantages of Pulse Firing using high velocity burners?

1. Creates high turbulence thereby mixing and re-circulation of furnace atmosphere resulting in accelerated convection heating with close temperature uniformity inside furnace.

2. Reduces the excess air firing even at lower operating temperature and thereby economizes the fuel consumption.

3. High turn down and operating flexibility to meet variable heat demand during treatment cycle and to improve temperature uniformity.

4. Reduced pollutant emissions.

5. High product quality due to temperature uniformity across the furnace.

What are all the safety features required in Gas fired furnace?

  • Low combustion Air pressure and Low gas pressure.
  • In case of flame failure individual gas solenoid valve before burner will be closed.
  • Burner can be lighted up only once the gas pressure as well as air pressure is healthy.
  • Flame sensor will be provided.
  • Pressure relief valve will be provided in case of malfunction of PRV
  • All motors are provided with overload protection.
  • Excess furnace zone temperature protection.
  • Movement of Bogie and Door shall be inter-locked so that the bogie can be moved only when door is in fully open position.

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