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F48, SIPCOT Industrial Complex, Gummidipoondi-601201, Chennai

Tempering Furnace

Tempering Furnace Manufacturer

We, JR Furnace is well renowned manufacturers of Tempering furnaces like Bogie Type Tempering Furnace, Chamber type Tempering Furnace, Pit type Tempering Furnace, Pusher type Tempering Furnace and Continuous type Tempering Furnace which is available in both electric and Gas fired mode of heating.

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The tempering process is used to reduce the brittleness in hardened steel and to remove the internal strains caused by the sudden cooling in a quenching. During the tempering process the metal being treated is heated in a temper furnace to a specified temperature for a period of time based on the desired level of hardness, strength, and ductility. Higher tempering temperatures will result in high ductility, but low strength and hardness. Lower tempering temperatures will result in low ductility, but high strength and hardness.

After a job undergoes a quenching process, it’s to be heated or tempered at the desired level to attain the great hardness/toughness, and here Tempering Furnace comes into the solution for the same. Tempering furnace will comes in both in continuous and batch type of operation. Our tempering furnaces are provided for temperature ranges upto 750 Deg C. We will build the best solution for your process needs. Tempering furnace has a strong recirculation fan to maintain proper uniformity of temperature inside the furnace.

All JR Furnace furnaces are manufactured to exacting quality standards, and all our equipment complies with safety norms to assure a high level, efficient plant process.

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