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F48, SIPCOT Industrial Complex, Gummidipoondi-601201, Chennai
+91 8807105625
F48, SIPCOT Industrial Complex, Gummidipoondi-601201, Chennai

Grooved Hearth Type Furnace

Grooved Hearth Type Furnace | Solutionizing Furnace

JRFURNACE has extensive experience in manufacturing of Grooved Hearth Type Furnace. Our commitment to innovation and robust design has allowed us to manufacture some of the largest & most productive heat treatment systems in the world. JR Furnace & Ovens – Offering Aluminium Electric Solutionizing Furnace designed for aluminium casting heat treatment

These effective and energy efficient Grooved Hearth furnaces are operated with the charging and discharging machine. The furnaces are installed for mass production / jobbing Heat treatment shops. It will be used for Hardening, Stress relieving, tempering and etc.

A battery of Grooved Hearth Type Furnace, with a manipulator fork type trolley charging machine (normally consisting of a high temperature furnace for hardening) followed by a mechanized quench tank and a low temperature furnace for tempering, provides a full range of heat treatment, normally required in the industry.

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