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Sealed Quench Furnace

Sealed Quench Furnace Manufacturers

The multipurpose batch type chamber furnace plants or Sealed Quench Furnaces has revolutionized the heat treatment industry in the last few decades thanks to its versatility, easy integration in automatic treatment lines, providing flexibility of metallurgical processes, product mix and layout, with maximum quality heat treatment in terms of reliability, predictability and repetitiveness.

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These plants are normally coupled with companion equipment like Preheating and Tempering Furnaces, Washing Machines, Stationary Table, Scissor Lifts and fully automated one or more Charge Transfer Cars- all designed for maximum reliability.
Features – Sealed Quench Furnace:

  • Heating System can be electrically heated through radiant tube heaters type E or Gas Fired through high efficiency recuperative burner system type G.
  • Gas used for heating and process can be LPG/Propane/Natural Gas supplied.
  • Available in the versions of Straight Through or TWO DOOR (TYPE CBUT) furnaces with one or more chambers, and In-Out or SINGLE DOOR (TYPE CBUR) furnaces with frontal loading/unloading.
  • Furnace atmosphere possible:
  • With Endogas and LPG/Propane/Natural gas
  • With Methanol and LPG/Propane/Natural gas
  • With Methanol + Nitrogen and LPG/Propane/Natural gas
  • With Direct Gassing Process by LPG/Propane/Natural gas and Air
  • Gas Carburizing possible:
  • With direct quenching
  • With intermediate cooling
  • With charge cooling under protective gas
  • Oil Cooling possible by Air or Water.
  • SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition system) to provide operational control, standard recipes and recipe management
  • Fully Automatic and Man less installation operated from the control room
  • Can also be equipped with Ferriitic-nitrocarburizing capabilities, so that it is possible to first do basic hardening in the conventional way followed by nitro-carburizing in the same furnace on the same batch
  • Option available with oil or salt quenching.

  • Features & Specifications

    • Available in a variety of batch sizes and capacities to suit optimum production requirements.
    • Available in Two Door and Single Door versions offering flexibility to suit availability of space and also the type of heat treatment to be carried out.
    • Fabricated out of heavy duty structural steel plates, reinforced and welded.
    • Furnace roof, walls and hearth are brick lined with special high insulation refractory bricks minimizing heat loss and low skin temperature.
    • Provision of silicon carbide muffle in heating chamber consisting of flat perforated hearth, solid verticals side walls and arch leading to excellent and accurate atmosphere and temperature uniformity with zero cold spots in the charge.
    • Flat hearth & absence of skids ensure low fixture weight thus increasing net loading.
    • Pneumatically operated brick lined doors specially designed with wedge locking mechanism for front and rear doors and stainless steel inner door guarantees maximum sealing.
    • Totally enclosed drive system through Special transfer chain made out of anti carburizing alloy used for charge transfer from heating to quenching chamber.
    • Direct driven special Two Speed (high and low) and high volume recirculation fan comprising of hollow shaft motor and impeller, bung mounted on the furnace roof.
    • Hydro-pneumatically operated quench elevator and Inner Door with specially designed guide tubes provide smooth jerk-free movement and trouble free operation.
    • Vertically mounted variable speed propeller type agitators with guiding oil baffle.
    • On-demand flame curtain gets on only when unloading door operates.
    • Standard version is provided with atmosphere or forced cooling feature and suitable for operating temperatures up to 10000C.
    • Use of long life Kanthal APM Radiant Tubes and cage type Heating Elements with power supply through thyristor for electrically heated versions and super efficient and trouble free recuperative burner system with cast radiant tubes for gas fired version.
    • Fully automatic operation through latest control systems, PLC and HMI with provision of recipe management and execution as well as operational control.
    • Imported critical components used giving long life and peace of mind.
    • All elements are easily approachable and removable for ease of maintenance.
    • Extremely Safe and simple in operation as well as easy to maintain.

  • Applications

    • The horizontal chamber furnaces are used for various treatments such as case hardening and carburizing, neutral hardening, carbonitriding, normalizing, annealing, ferritic nitro carburizing, re-carburizing, spheriodize annealing and stress relieving, with quenching in oil, in a protective atmosphere, in polymer, and in salt.
    • The types of products which can be processed is quite large being Drive and Axle Components, Gears, Shafts, Fasteners, Bearing Components, Tools, Castings, Forgings, Agricultural machinery components, Construction Machinery components, Fine Blank Components and Precision Machined Components.

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