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Gas Nitriding Furnace

Gas Nitriding Furnace

Jrfurnace Gas Nitriding Furnace are designed for nitriding applications. Special metals and specific manufacturing techniques are employed to ensure longevity of the Nitriding Retort and other furnace fixtures. These heavy duty furnaces are built to last long without maintenance. Appropriate dissociation panels and various appliances provided for atmosphere monitoring, which ensures the optimum and uniform quality of nitriding.

Gas Nitriding Furnace Fitted with an atmospheric circulation system and provision for purging ammonia to be cracked for nitriding. Suitable charge fixtures for holding the job/charge can be supplied made of stainless steel. Depending on the furnace capacity ammonia dissociation meter and gas panel with suitable flow control and gas manifolds are fitted. Automatic ammonia dissociation system with real time controls can be given optionally.

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  • Features & Specifications

    • Leak tight retort and door assembly.
    • Powerful fan for gas circulation.
    • Programmable ratio controller.
    • Vacuum assistance for annealing and normalizing.
    • Carbon potential control.

  • Applications

    • Black and Bright Annealing of steel wire.
    • Black and Bright Annealing of steel forgings and castings.
    • Decarburising of Steel stampings.
    • Hardening of Defence components.
    • Tempering and stress relieving of various Ferrous and
    • Non-Ferrous components.
    • Annealing of copper and Aluminum products.
    • Normalising of various products.
    • Gas carburizing,
    • Gas nitriding, Carbonitriding, etc.

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