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Bell Annealing Furnace Manufacturers in Dubai

Bell Annealing Furnace Manufacturers in Dubai

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Bell furnaces are widely utilized for batch or intermittent processes, and are primarily employed for heat treatment. However, they can also be used for low-temperature sintering and drying. These furnaces consist of a mobile cover or dome that is used to heat the load or product and can be easily removed with the help of a traveling hoist. Additionally, automatic lifting mechanisms can also be integrated as per the customer’s requirements. We offer bell furnaces with a temperature range of 900ºF (480°C) to 2,200ºF (1,200°C).

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One of the key advantages of bell furnaces is the excellent seal they provide between the furnace and the base, which allows for the use of multiple bases. These furnaces are available in sizes ranging from 1 m³ to 500 m³ (35 ft³ to 17,650+ ft³) and can have different lifting methods as per the customer’s needs. Additionally, bell furnaces provide an economical heat treatment option when used with multiple bases. The simple design of these furnaces, without any mechanisms like a door or car, ensures a positive seal on the floor or base.

Furthermore, bell furnaces can be moved to different positions or bases for enhanced productivity. For example, while one load is being processed, the other can be cooling or loading/unloading, thus optimizing furnace usage. Additionally, bell furnaces have low maintenance requirements as they don’t have any mechanisms or moving parts inside the furnace, maintenance is limited to the combustion and control equipment.

  • Specifications

    • Excellent positive seal between furnace and base; furnace can be used with multiple bases.
    • Different bell lifting methods available, according to customer requirements and design.
    • Bell furnaces offer an economical method of heat treatment when used with multiple bases.
    • A bell furnace’s principal advantage is its simplicity, since not having any mechanism (such as a door or car), allied to its design principle, ensures a positive seal on the floor/base.
    • Normally, a bell furnace can change position or base, with the goal being better productivity, since by having two bases it remains operational for longer. While one load is processed, the other will be cooling or loading/unloading, optimizing furnace use.
    • Low maintenance system by not having mechanisms or moving parts in the furnace.

  • Application

    • Annealing of steel strips
    • Annealing of steel wires
    • Normalizing steel castings
    • Decarburising of stamps

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