We execute the projects on turnkey basis which includes design, engineering, manufacturing, packing and forwarding, FOR destination, Unloading, erection, start up, testing & commissioning of any type heat treatment Furnace and its allied equipment’s and control.

We have a qualified and highly experienced design, production and quality control team, who ensures quality check at every stage right from design, drawings, raw material procurements, fabrication, manufacturing, fitment and assembly to completion and delivery as such goes through quality control audits. Care is taken to ensure all parameters of international quality standards are met.

Bogie Hearth Furnace is a special type of chamber furnace. JRFURNACE is reputed as one of the trusted Pulse Fired High Velocity Fuel Fired furnace manufacturers for optimum performance.

Type of Fuel: LNG, HSD, LPG,PNG

Applications: Stress relieving, Hardening, Normalizing, Solution Annealing, Annealing, Reheating


  • Robust Heavy Duty construction and highly fuel efficient
  • Energy saving insulation
  • Pulse firing system with high velocity fuel fired burners
  • Door operation -Electrically operated rise and fall type, Counter weighted
  • Fully automated PLC based burner management system supported by SCADA system with HMI interface

In order to achieve the stipulated heating as well as soaking with close temperature uniformity even at lower temperature and for variable batch load, we will propose “Pulse System in ON/OFF Control Mode” through PLC based logic control modules to operate during Heating and soaking.

The unique advantages of Pulse Firing using high velocity burners are

  • Creates high turbulence thereby mixing and re-circulation of furnace atmosphere resulting in accelerated convection heating with close temperature uniformity inside furnace.
  • Reduces the excess air firing even at lower operating temperature and thereby economizes the fuel consumption.
  • High turn down and operating flexibility to meet variable heat demand during treatment cycle and to improve temperature uniformity.
  • Reduced pollutant emissions.
  • High product quality due to temperature uniformity across the furnace.
  • Safety Features and Inter Lock

    • All motors will be provided with overload protection.
    • Excess furnace zone temperature protection.
    • Low combustion Air pressure.
    • Low gas pressure
    • In case of flame failure individual gas solenoid valve before burner will be closed.
    • Burner can be lighted up only once the gas pressure as well as air pressure is healthy.
    • Movement of Bogie and Door shall be inter-locked so that the bogie can be moved only when door is in fully open position.

    Following control functions have been achieved through the PLC:

    • Zonal temperature control loop.
    • Recording of furnace temperature through PC and printer.
    • Furnace pressure control loop.
    • Logic control modules for converting controller signal to pulse cycles for burners
    • All Burner flame failure detection and Management.
    • All Safety inter-locks.
    • Alarm annunciation for man-machine and interface and hooter.

    We will provide SCADA through PLC to ensure the following,:

    • Burner management and temperature controllers.
    • Temperature set point generation with programming time.
    • Historical alarms and trips.
    • Historical trend of temperature and pressure of furnace.