With an increasing costs and decreasing availability of fuels/electricity, now all prefer to watch Energy saving heat treatment furnaces. Energy costs usually present a large fraction of operating cost for a Heat treatment furnace.

Most of these furnaces use Electricity/Natural gas/LDO as an energy source for heating.

The appropriate choice of insulation and refractory materials is required for High fuel savings / Electricity in Heat treatment furnaces.

The important factors, which affect the energy efficiency of a furnace, are listed below.

  • Improper Design
  • Use of inefficient burner/Heating system
  • Flue gas losses
  • Insufficient draft/chimney
  • Absence of Waste heat recovery
  • Absence of Instruments/Controls
  • Improper insulation /Refractory’s
  • Weight of fixtures

If you are looking for energy efficiency furnaces, trust JR Furnace offers an Energy saving Industrial Furnaces & Ovens. JR furnace offers the most energy efficient furnace for your application.

Our latest technology meets your furnaces with low power consumption. We will design in such a way to arrest loss by following ways:

  • Uniform heat distribution
  • Reducing excess air used for fuel combustion in burners (Recuperator system)
  • Using flue gas to preheat combustion air
  • Selection & design of Heating elements and Instruments
  • Reduce heat losses from door openings
  • Minimal refractory losses
  • Pneumatic seal system in door to arrest heat loss and to prevent leak

JR Furnaces provides the highly energy efficient solution with the latest technology and it is our prime motto. Contact us to learn more information about our products and services!