We, JR Furnace combine innovation and precision, reliability and performance for each product with quality. We are the leading manufacturers of Grooved Hearth Furnace/ Rapid Quench Furnace with Fork type manipulator and quenching tank. Grooved hearth furnaces are mainly used for Hardening of Alloy Steel Components and designed for heavy duty operation.

Rapid Quench Furnace

A set of Grooved Hearth Furnaces, with a charging machine (high temperature furnace for hardening) followed by a motorized quench tank and a low temperature furnace for tempering, provides a full range of heat treatment. We have supplied a PLC operated Grooved hearth Hardening & Tempering furnace, Rail Bounded charging machine and quenching tank with an agitation system.

Rapid Quench Furnace

JR Furnace provides Rapid Quenching Manipulator charging systems – A high Energy Efficient Gas Fired /Oil Fired /Electrical Rapid Quench Furnace with SCADA/PLC/PID precision temperature & Process Controlling System. A Fully Automated PLC with SCADA Controlling System is suggested for good Results. Automation system ensures consistently stable results and optimal repeatability.

All Furnaces are certified with API-6/NABL Standard. A Fully Auto / Semi Auto Manipulator to carry the Hot charge into Water / Polymer within 30 Secs is the Unique design of the JR Furnace.

Temperature Uniformity : Within ± 5°c inside furnace atmosphere during steady soaking
Mode of Heating: LPG / Electric / Oil fired
Capacity: Custom Made
Application: Hardening, Tempering, Quenching, Solution Annealing, Heat Treatment

Quench tank medium will be Oil/Water/Polymer. It will be provided with centrifugal type agitator/oil circulation pumps of adequate capacity along with a recirculation pipe with valves and fittings including discharge manifold, nozzles to create forced re-circulation and agitation of quenching oil inside the tank.

Pumps will be located suitably near the quenching tank. In addition to the above charge support piers/stands will be fixed at the tank bottom equally spaced to the relief machine fork until charge is retained inside the tank.

The quenching tank oil temperature will be maintained at atmospheric temperature, before starting the quenching process. The hot oil in the quench tank (after completion of the quenching process) will be cooled by a water cooled heat-exchanger.


The charging machine will be constructed from rolled steel sections, welded and braced to form a rigid structure. The forks will have a split design extended out from a suitably counterbalanced fork’s carriage frame and will be of fabricated construction from rolled steel hollow sections, channels and flats with the leading edges shaped to aid furnace entry.

The fork lift up and down movements will be achieved by a hydraulic cylinder connected to the lifting/lowering arm with pulleys and ropes with turn-buckles for alignments. Necessary limit switches are provided to ensure different levels of forks for charging, discharging and quenching.

The fork carriage will be driven by a hydraulic motor via rack and pinion arrangements. The fork carriage base will be supported on number wheels moving on rails. The movement of the charging machine will be controlled automatically through PLC.

We pride ourselves in providing innovative, state-of-the-art equipment that helps our customers to have a high Energy Efficient Gas Fired /Oil Fired /Electrical Rapid Quench Furnace all over the globe. We ensure that you can achieve the most accurate results and the predefined throughput on a reproducible basis. Where precision and part-to-part consistency is required, this furnace is a product.