Heat treating (or heat treatment) is a group of industrial and metalworking processes used to alter the physical, and sometimes chemical, properties of a material.

JR Furnace utilizes state of the art 3D modelling techniques to build accurate solid models for industrial furnace considering the details to develop a true representation of the working system with parts.

3D models also help to understand the practical consideration of space constraints and the vicinity of other equipment’s if any.




RIGHT SIDE VIEW heat treatment furnace design



TOP VIEW heat treatment furnace design



3d Stimulation Drawing for Heat Treatment Furnace

3d Stimulation Drawing for Heat Treatment Furnace:


The hardware design with components interrelations and integration in the overall one system design are shown in 3D drawing. A 3-D numerical heat transfer model integrated with an intelligent PLC automated systems subroutine has been developed and employed in the computational simulation of the heating process of typical load.

Following are the few key advantages of 3D modelling:

  • It provides a quick understanding of the layout and inter connectivity of all the equipment’s.
  • It provides clear visualization for possible modifications, validate a design or identify any issues with a design modification at a very early stage of the project.
  • Effective communication tool between the designers and end user.

As 3D technology expands, production companies continue to look for technological capabilities to enhance printed product quality, especially due to the nature of sectors interested in the production of complex metal parts with superior mechanical properties.

It hasn’t been until relatively recently that heat treatment processes have become quite such an important consideration in the 3D printing technology sector.

JR Furnace team has vast experience in creating detailed 3D models for different types of Heat treatment furnaces.

JR Furnace(ISO 9001:2015) is world-renowned manufactures of all type of Heat treatment furnace. Our heat treatment furnace meets AMS 2750 , NADCAP and Pyrometry standard.

Due to our latest technology and robust structure, our heat treatment furnaces are used in various industries to alter the physical and chemical properties of a material.

We have more than 500 plus satisfied clients all over the globe with core clientele from Aerospace, Cable/Conductor industries, Renewable Energy industries, Steel Foundry /Forging /Investment casting and Aluminium Extrusion, Aluminium Process foundry industry, Defence , Railways and Power sector.

Our heat treatment furnaces are mainly known for Heavy Duty Construction, Uniformity, cost-effectiveness, and low maintenance needs.

Types of Heat Treatment furnace manufactured by JR Furnace:
► Ageing Furnace
► Quenching Furnace (Drop bottom type)
► Solutionising Furnace
► Gas Carburizing Furnace
► Tempering Furnace
► Annealing Furnace
► Stress Relieving Furnace
► Hardening Furnace
► Salt Bath Furnace
► Sealed Quench Furnace
► Bell Furnace
► Postweld heat treatment furnace
► Normalising Furnace

Our furnaces will be programmed and controlled through a standard PLC / SCADA system. All temperature and recording instruments, thermocouple will be calibrated by NABL or equivalent standard. After installation, temperature uniformity survey (TUS) of the furnace will be carried out by Engineer for at least 2 to 3 cycles.

We have highly experienced team of electrical and automation system for electrical and instrumentation of furnace. Furnace will be designed with all safety interlocks.

➡ Brazing of various steel alloys and titanium alloy base parts
➡ Heating of Billets
➡ Hardening & Tempering of steel
➡ Solutionising Heat treatment of Aluminium alloy parts
➡ Ageing Heat treatment on Aluminium alloy parts
➡ Carburizing & Carbo-nitriding
➡ Annealing of Low carbon and medium carbon steel tubes

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