JR Furnace, a leading manufacturer of Heat Treatment Furnace, has achieved another milestone with the successful commissioning of their state-of-the-art drop bottom furnaces equipped with a quench tank. These cutting-edge Drop Bottom Furnaces are specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of the aerospace and automotive industries, offering superior heat treatment solutions for critical components.

The drop bottom furnace developed by JR Furnace are engineered to provide uniform heating and precise temperature control ensuring optimal heat treatment of various materials. With advanced programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and thermocouples, these furnaces offer exceptional accuracy and reliability, guaranteeing consistent results for critical applications.

One of the standout features of these furnaces is the integrated quench tank. This enables rapid cooling of the heated components, essential for achieving the desired material properties and ensuring the highest quality standards. The quench tank is designed with advanced agitation systems to enhance cooling efficiency and minimize distortion or warping of the treated parts. It also incorporates state-of-the-art safety measures to protect operators and prevent any potential hazards.

The aerospace and automotive industries demand components with exceptional strength, durability, and precision. The drop bottom furnaces by JR Furnace cater to these requirements by offering various heat treatment processes, including annealing, normalizing, tempering, and stress relieving. This versatility allows manufacturers to optimize the properties of different materials such as steel, aluminum, and titanium, enhancing their performance and extending their lifespan.

Furthermore, these furnaces are designed for maximum energy efficiency, reducing operational costs and minimizing environmental impact. JR Furnace has integrated advanced insulation materials and efficient heating systems to ensure optimal energy utilization while maintaining strict temperature control throughout the heat treatment process.

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The successful commissioning of these drop bottom furnaces equipped with a quench tank reaffirms JR Furnace’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to the aerospace and automotive industries. By combining precision, reliability, and energy efficiency, these furnaces empower manufacturers to meet the demanding requirements of their customers while staying ahead in a highly competitive market.

Drop bottom furnaces equipped with quench tank for the aerospace and automotive industries. Quench tank could be filled-up by water or polymer quenching media. Drop bottom type aluminum alloy very fast solid solution quenching aging heat treatment furnace is composed of furnace body, furnace steel bracket, detachable furnace top, furnace lining, electric heating element, circulating fan, air duct, furnace bottom door, double speed lifting, material basket, quenching tank, loading trolley and control system . Our solution treatment equipment is extremely durable, highly reliable, and designed to meet specifications AMS-2750, AMS-2770, NAD CAP STD.

  • The workpiece transfer time is short to ensuring the solution treatment performance of the aluminum alloy.
  • The furnace door is equipped with a hydraulic-locking mechanism to ensure a reliable seal.
  • The radial-flow and positive pressure high-temperature heat-resistant fan is used to generate sufficient circulating air volume and wind pressure.
  • The advanced hot air diversion system ensures stable and reliable circulating air volume and wind pressure.
  • A mature temperature control system that effectively suppresses temperature inertia.
  • Hydraulic auto basket lifting / lowering mechanism.
  • The entire operation / process will be automatic through PLC and SCADA system

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JR Furnace Successfully Commissioned Drop Bottom Furnaces Equipped with Quench Tank for the Aerospace and Automotive Industries.


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