We are the leading supplier and manufacturers of Aluminium coil annealing furnaces to the Cable and Conductor industries. We have supplied heat treatment furnaces for the applications like to Annealing the aluminium, aluminium wires in bobbin, aluminium rod, conductors, trapezoidal wires which will be on spools, Ageing the aluminium alloy conductors. Ovens for Pre heating of aluminium/copper wires for degassing process.

We have supplied Ageing Cum Annealing Furnace to the following applications:

► Bogie Type Annealing cum Ageing Furnace for Aluminum conductor
► Bogie Type Ageing Oven for Aluminium Alloy conductor
► Degassing Oven for Preheating Aluminium/Copper wires
► Electrically Heated Bell Type Annealing Furnace