We are the leading original equipment manufacturers of Pit Type Heat treatment furnace and supplying all over the globe.
We have supplied PIT TYPE GAS CARBURIZING FURNACE to our reputed client with the following features.

This furnace mainly is intended for Gas carburising of various steel components. Retort will be of corrugated vertical cylindrically shaped vessel with dish end bottom and all the weldings on retort will be leak proof. Air circulating impeller blade will be fitted to motor through a shaft made of AISI 310 material. Proper water cooling will be provided for shaft bearing. The system will be equipped with oxy probe system with carbon potential controller and Carbon Potential indicator.

Gas Carburising fluid feeding system will be controlled by a separate temperature controller of Micro processor type. Suitable hydraulic power pack system for lifting and closing the Lid will be provided.

We are high quality automatic heat treatment furnace manufacturer. The heat treatment furnaces are used for anealing, Hardening, tempering of stainless steel, high carbon or spring steel in coil form.