JR Furnace is the pioneer in manufacturing high performance Bell type Annealing Furnace which is mainly used for annealing of steel coils like steel strips, steel wire or any other shape. Bell furnaces commonly used for intermittent or batch processes and can be made in electrical, oil or gas firing system as per the clients requirement

Bell Type Annealing Furnace

Our Bell Furnaces have excellent temperature uniformity, consistent quality and good production rates. Bell Furnace is suitable for black, bright and spherodized annealing of steel coils, wire rods, non-ferrous strips, Brass strips, Steel strips, Copper strips, wires and etc.

Recently JR Furnace acquired the order for Bell type Annealing Furnace of Coils from our prestigious client, Capacity 10 Tons with 2 Nos Heating Bell, 3 Nos corrugated retort, 3 Nos Base with guide post and etc. It is a vaccumized system with atmosphere of nitrogen and carbon rich liquid.

Features of Bell Type Annealing Furnace:

  • It can be operated in the Nitrogen atmosphere and also with 100% Hydrogen Atmosphere.
  • For fast cooling of the charge, the structure of the protective cover and furnace bases are designed and built for water-cooling.
  • It will be economical when used with multiple bases.
  • Customized design for steel, copper, aluminium and alloy; strip, wire and tube.

Why Choose JR Furnace?

We have more than 500 plus satisfied clients all over the globe with core clientele from Aerospace, Cable/Conductor industries, Renewable Energy industries, Steel Foundry / Forging / Investment casting and Aluminium Extrusion, Aluminium Process foundry industry, Defence , Railways and Power sector.

Key Benefits | Bell Type Furnace

– Customized Heat Treatment Solution
– 24×7 Service Support
– Enduring Customer Relationship
– Commissioning with Trial Run
– Process Appropriate Design
– Timely Delivery
– Highly Professional Technical Team
– In House Testing
– Top Notch Raw Materials
– Result Oriented Workmanship