JR Furnace The furnace casing is rigid and strong so as to withstand operational stresses, roof thrusts and thermal expansion. The furnace withstands distortions due to thermal and mechanical stresses, to house the insulation and to hold other related structures and components have a prolonged life span.

Double Door Double Bogie Type Annealing Furnace

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2 Nos. of bogie is provided and made out of mild steel structural construction and covered with mild steel plate on bottom side. The top inner side is made up of 10SWG SS 304 sheet and lined with ceramic fiber insulation.
The bogie moved horizontally on wheels mounted in pillow block bearings. Suitable rails provided for this operation, Necessary safety arrangements provided for bogie movement. The movement is performed by electro mechanical means with reduction gear motor and chain drive arrangement.

Bogie drive system is mounted on Bogie Frame and it shall be thermally insulated. The bogie and furnace side bottom hearth will be by pneumatic sealing system at both the sides.

2 Nos of doors are provided. The door is fabricated out of 5mm thick MS plate and reinforced with structure frame. The door will move over a set of permanently fixed rollers and a guide structure. The door will be balanced by using a counter weight. The main door shaft supported on bearings for easy movement.

The door provided with pneumatically clamping arrangements. In the periphery of door 40mm thick ceramic fiber rope is provided to minimize the heat loss.

Door is lifted using a helical geared motor. Limit switches are fitted at fully open and fully closed positions. The door when opened shifts backwards creating a gap between the door and the front plate of the furnace which prevents the abrasion of ceramic fibre lining. The door moves at an inclined plane to ensure locking by its own self-weight. This ensures perfect sealing with the main furnace. Additional 4 Nos. Of door pneumatic clamping is provided.

Type : Bogie Hearth Annealing Furnace
Process : Annealing Process
Useful Chamber Size : 5000 mm L x 3400 mm Wx 2600mm Ht
Charge Size/Weight : 11,000kgs of aluminium conductor per drum & 1000 kgs of each drum weight.
Batch Capacity : Two numbers of drum of aluminium conductor , So 24,000 kgs/ Batch
Mode Of Firing : Electric
Maximum Temperature : 650˚C.
Operating Temperature : 600°C.
Power Rating : 510 KW
No of Zones : 3 Nos Each zone will be 170 KW.
Temperature Uniformity :+/- 5 DEG C
Skin temperature : 25 Deg C Plus Ambient