Safety management has increased its importance in recent years, as companies and institutions have taken more steps to avoid the accidents at work. We JR Furnace strengthen the safety features in our fuel fired furnaces as follows:

Fuel Fired Furnaces

  • All the safety interlocks will be provided for safe operation of Gas fired furnace.
  • Bogie will be taken IN or OUT only when the door is fully up.
  • Door will be interlocked with locking cylinders.
  • The door & bogie drive will be provided with variable speed drive with soft start and stop facilities and single phasing preventer and overload protection.
  • Heavy duty limit switches will be provided at the extreme ends of the bogie and door movement to prevent any mechanical damages.
  • Pre and final limit switches will be provided at the extreme ends of the bogie travel to smoothly accelerate and decelerate the bogie and prevent any damages.
  • Provision will be provided on the door, furnace front and side walls & bogie for proper sealing during operation without flame leakage.
  • Furnace heating operation will be interlocked with the door operation so burner firing cannot be started unless the door is closed.
  • Gas leak detector will be provided to cover the critical gas leak zones.
  • Pressure switches and flow switches in different process lines (gas and combustion air) for safe operation and annunciation will be provided with suitable ranges. The pressure switches shall have proper enclosure as per the safety rules.
  • In Gas Train, Auto shut off valves of adequate capacity will be provided with manual reset facility. The auto shut off valve shall cutoff the LPG supply to the furnace in case of power failure and will be interlocked with all safety parameters.
  • Safety interlocks shall be provided to shut off the fuel line under the following conditions:
    1. Low gas pressure
    2. Low Combustion air pressure
    3. I.D. Fan running through suction pressure switch
  • Provision will be provided to switch on the burners from PLC as well as from the field/locally (near to burner). Flame failure indication will be displayed in SCADA.
  • Furnace functions will be continuously monitored and alarm/warning indication will be given through PLC& SCADA system.